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What is the tax system for GST

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    GST is an indirect tax, which has changed many indirect taxes in India. The Goods and Service Tax Act was passed in Parliament on 29 March 2017. The Act came into effect from July 2017.
    In the previous indirect tax collection, there were many indirect taxes between the state and the center. Mainly collected taxes in the form of line tax (VAT). Each state has different rules and regulations.

    Centers sold for sale. CST (Central State Tax) may apply in case of sale of goods. Apart from the above mentioned, there were many indirect taxes, such as the entertainment tax, the oakroe and the local taxes, which were imposed by the state and the centers. A lot of ways to follow the taxes imposed by the government and the center.

    For example, the goods were manufactured and the center was charged with the Excise Duty Center. The VAT will be charged above and above the DTC. This will pay taxes on taxes and impact taxes.There was a tax on the production of ex-factory cost of production, known as the Excise duty. It is called valuable value. Then there was a sales tax, then Watt was laid down.
    It was in the sales price, including the Excise duty. There was also a central sales tax on central state sales. Later the municipal line came to octroi in some states.

    All the research is now a line, GST Returns Filing. Though the idea is to have uniform line across the country, it’s not smart to have the same tax rate for all the commodities. Taxes on taxes should be higher than the basic needs of life, some of which are free of charge.
    The federal government taxes tax on the trade. This is a kit bottle neck for the trade and commodity movement. Now a line of a country.

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